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Alternative Addiction for Leaders & Entrepreneurs

Addiction “Recovery” Shouldn’t Be One Size Fits All

If Alcoholics Anonymous, 12-Step Programs or Therapy haven’t worked for you or one of your family members, you’re not alone.

Did you know…

Two-thirds of clients who receive APA’s (American Psychological Association) highly recommended treatments still have PTSD after completing treatment?  

Darlene Karpaski


Welcome. Hi, I’m Darlene Karpaski, a 30-year veteran in Business Hypnotherapy & Holistic Mental Health. 

WHAT MY TEAM & I SEE: While small business owners are busy scaling their businesses, an outdated & burned-out behavioral health system is undermining their family’s happiness and success. 

As a former Therapist & Mental Health Recovery Trainer…I’ve worked with thousands of professionals. Most of them have only been trained ONE WAY to “treat” addiction.

Maybe like me and other leaders you feel betrayed by your family force you into addiction treatment. Luckily, there’s good news that AA & the Addiction Treatment Industry is telling you.

People can and do recover without AA & 12 step programs. And you can, too. Don’t be shocked…but 70% recover by creating a organic path to healing. That was me after discovering Eriksonian Hypnosis in the early 90s.

But the best part was healing my relationship with my mom & dad. That’s why this is my LOVE Project. 

DONE With a Burned Out Mental Health "System?"

We’re changing ourselves, who we listen to & how we heal our families.

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What Leaders are Saying 

I hired Darlene after being in rehabs a few times. To say that I pray never to go back is an understatement. You go in and expect to be treated with respect.

Instead, you’re forced into what you’ve already told them doesn’t work for YOU. Darlene hooked me up with nutritional support along with hypnotherapy.  

Being alcohol-free doesn’t mean I’m abstinent…hard to do in sales. Booze is everywhere. I drink about 60% less now and don’t crave it like I used to. I’m free because I have better ways to refocus my ADHD mind and handle stress. I haven’t felt this good or this close to my family in 10 years. If you hate all the powerless-over and other AA drama, call Dar. 

Allen J.
Vice President, Tech Industry

Trauma-Informed Addiction Recovery Coaching…

Thank you for being here for me and helping me transition into working successfully in private practice. I heard about you through a colleague at a time when I needed guidance. When I was working on engaging clients, my style was straightforward and to the point. Since working with you, I’ve realized that straightforward does not work. 

You helped me to soften my approach and shift my language to match their psychology better. I’ve seen a real turnaround in the ownership clients take in our work together due to learning and using your approaches.

You also helped me soften the delivery in my personal life as well. Your consulting with me, Darlene, has been an extremely valuable experience. I can feel myself changing and growing in my professional and personal life. I am becoming a softer, gentler, yet more assertive person who can be more open and aware of how to structure my sessions for maximum value to my clients. 

B. Thompson Licensed Professional Counselor, LPC

Addiction Recovery Counselor, Mental Health Practitioner Coaching

Dream Bigger Than “Recovery”