PTSD Treatment Isn’t Working… And Small Business Owners Are Paying For It.

Did you know that two-thirds of clients who receive APA’s (American Psychological Association) highly recommended treatments still have PTSD after completing treatment?  



I had PTSD while also serving as a therapist in the 80s. 

After being at the end of my rope with chronic health issues from taking care of ill family members for years…I prayed for better answers.

In the early 90s I found Eriksonian Hypnotherapy & other Transpersonal Psychology magic that helped me heal...

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In just 7 months of hypnosis, I felt like a new being. 

I wasn’t the version of me that had to survive a crazy childhood with two alcoholic and workaholic parents. Nor was I what therapists said I was…mentally “ill.” 

I was who God intended me to be in that season of my life.

My relationship with my parents healed and I nearly tripled my income in just 7 months…

That’s why I’ve dedicated my life to helping other leaders and entrepreneurs find holistic addiction and anxiety solutions. 

I have a carefully vetted group of clinically and holistically trained specialists who are part of my team. We work hand in hand with medical treatment staff until you, your spouse, and kids can take the wheel.

If thousands of us have evolved beyond life sentences of mental “illness” & back into our God-given minds, we believe you can, too. 

What Leaders are Saying

On my way to zero anxiety meds…

I feel amazing, hopeful, energized. The crazy part is I’ve sold in 3 months than I have in the last year. All the emotional baggage from the last few years crippled me.

Immediately after our first few weeks, anxiety levels were 2 from 10. I reduced meds and on my way to zero.

I LOVE feeling present, inspired, and faithful. I feel like the light meant to come through me is shining bright, and clients are responding! They say there’s something different about me than other financial planners. I know they feel my faith!

The best part is how our sessions and my renewed faith have helped my husband and kids feel so much closer.

You’ve given me the words and energy to grow our love. We really needed that. Thank you!”

Sharon D.

Edward Jones

Rehab Didn’t Work…

I hired Darlene after being in rehabs a few times. To say that I pray never to go back is an understatement. You go in and expect to be treated with respect.

Instead, you’re forced into what you’ve already told them doesn’t work for YOU. Darlene hooked me up with nutritional support along with hypnotherapy.

Being alcohol-free doesn’t mean I’m abstinent…hard to do in sales. Booze is everywhere. I drink about 60% less now and don’t crave it like I used to.

I’m free because I have better ways to refocus my ADHD mind and handle stress. I haven’t felt this good or this close to my family in 10 years. If you hate all the powerless-over and other AA drama, call Dar.

Allen J.
Vice President

She Saved My Life & Marriage…

I was skeptical and resistant to the idea that I could heal from the trauma I experienced growing up. It never mattered. I just lived with it using standard therapy and anti-depressants.

As a Psychologist serving hundreds of distressed clients a year, I didn’t realize that I was slipping deeper into depression until my mom died.

That’s when I started planning to end my life. I was at the end of my rope when I was referred to Dar. Thank God I found her because she saved my life and my marriage which was falling to pieces.

Words fall short of expressing my gratitude every day for the happiness and love I now experience.

If you’re burned out from serving others, you need to experience Dar and her healing magic.

Dr. Pete

…Protect your family from the pain of ineffective treatment.